Экструзионный пуллер по производству профилей

ProMachine.Cn | Проектирование и тянущее устройство, которое направляет выходящий из пресса профиль Выходной стол экструзионного пресса

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Press Exit

Aluminum Pulling System are mainly a guide along the rail line constant speed forward extrusion products; ensure products linearity, improving products yield and production efficiency of extrusion auxiliary equipment. Function is to avoid thin wall profiles and complex cross-section profiles such as occurred after the mold defects such as twisting, bending, waves, and many die products mutual friction and winding, the phenomenon such as different length happened.

Lead out table:This conveyor table is placed at the exit of the press, behind the intensive cooling system; the length of the table may vary according the puller type and the forecasted extrusion speed.

Puller System:The puller system pulls and guides the aluminium profile during the extrusion process.



The principal function of Extrusion Press is to make flow the aluminium through the die at a controlled speed and temperature. This is achieved by means of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic circuits controlled by a PLC system.

ДВОЙНОЙ ПУЛЛЕР для алюминиевого профиля


The system comprising : the 1st drawing head , on which a dicing saw , the 2nd drawing head , the head moving traction control box main power control cabinet , the operation panel and the traction rail


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E-mail: ProMachiney@gmail.com

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